Patented Manufacturing Process

MixedGLYDE’s Double Dipping

Prior to the development of the “double dipping” manufacturing process, the only way to make a condom stronger than normal was to make a heavier emulsion of Latex and leave the condom in this coagulated emulsion longer, so that the emerged condom had a thicker layer when removed from its former (a glass dildo-like object). This, needless to say, while making the condom stronger, gave it a texture more like a rubber kitchen glove.

The GLYDE manufacturing plant has created a sheer ultra fine, exceptionally strong sheath, without increasing the thickness. The success of the procedure, which is patented, trademarked and copyrighted, is in the ‘double dipping & Double Wash’ manufacturing process. This requires two, instead of the usual one, inline processing functions.

The first process ensures an overall extra thin coating, which is then sealed before the second dipping takes place. Developing this unique process required CAD/CAM technology, specifically designed for the GLYDE condom range. This allows GLYDE to produce extra sheer, extra strong condoms, to provide superior safety and sensual enjoyment during penetrative sexual activities.

Tests by both the manufacturer and independent testing agencies, as well as customers in several countries including Australia, have provided testimony to the quality and strength of GLYDE condoms. With these new generation products, it is no longer necessary to seek out extra thick condoms as a means of ensuring extra strength. The strength and reliability of the GLYDE range is absolutely guaranteed.

It should be noted however that no latex condom can withstand sharp fingernails, diamond rings and metal body jewelry. Also, it is important that latex condoms are not left in direct sunlight or exposed to extreme heat as this can have a detrimental effect on the strength of the product.

GLYDE’s Double Wash Process

At the same time GLYDE latex condoms undergo the double dipping process outlined in our separate page which explains why GLYDE condoms are so sheer yet so strong, all GLYDE latex condoms are also double washed. This helps eliminate the residual latex taste that is traditionally left over after production has been completed.

GLYDE’s double washing process ensures GLYDE condoms, and in particular the five fruit flavoured condoms, taste much better than any other condom brand.

When condoms retain a strong latex odour and taste and are then treated with chemicals to flavour them, the resultant reaction produces a condom which has a most unpleasant taste and smell.

By double washing GLYDE condoms before adding the natural food grade fruit flavours which feature in the GLYDE range, our condoms are virtually latex odour and latex taste free. This makes them very popular, particularly with sexually active teenagers and sex workers. As these users often perform oral sex as a prelude to penetrative sexual activity, being able to provide them with a condom that smells and tastes good is essential. That’s why the GLYDE range is without doubt the most popular on the market.