BEPPY Female Sponge

Available in New Zealand only from GLYDE Healthcare

The Beppy Difference


• Individually wrapped
• Lightweight
• Very absorbent

• Long lasting (up to 8 hours)
• Cordless

Beppy sponges are specially designed to help you through your period. They are invisible and unnoticeable.

Choose the Beppy that’s right for you

Beppy Classic is a dry sponge, specially contoured for added comfort.Available in regular size (Beppy Classic), or with a moistening agent (Beppy Wet), they are easy to insert and remove.

Beppy Wet sponges contain a pleasantly scented gel + cavity for easy removal – they do not contain oil

Beppy sponges always fit because the special foam adapts itself to your shape

Beppy sponges are NOT a contraceptive and do not protect against STIs. To protect yourself, always use a condom.