Personal Health

GLYDE Healthcare NZ manufactures and distributes the highest quality, vegan friendly, sexual health products including latex and non-latex condoms, lubricant and latex gloves along with the entire GLYDE Health Co. range of products who are are the original manufacturer of the SHEER GLYDE dam, the only product of its type to have been laboratory tested. Plus we’ve developed the Red Ribbon® condom especially for HIV/AIDS organisations to use for fundraising purposes.

We are the exclusive New Zealand distributors for the FC2 Female Condom, unlike anything else on the market the FC2 is Latex free and meets the highest international standards. To compliment pro women’s choice we are also the exclusive NZ distributor for Beppy sponges, an amazing product which gives women control over their period and extra curricular activities be it swimming, running, having sex, or a night out on the town.

We welcome every New Zealander regardless of being bulk or individual buyers, simply visit our online shop to purchase now or check our locations page for GLYDE retailers in your area.


Play Safe – don’t forget your GLYDEs!