Social Responsibility


Founded in 1990, GLYDE is the first global sexual health company built on the core principals of being socially engaged ethical business. GLYDE has consistently demonstrated social responsibility through leadership and commitment to public health and sexual wellness and through philanthropy and alliances with socially conscious partners. The natural rubber used in making GLYDE condoms is sourced from Fair Trade farms and the technicians who make our condoms are paid a living wage.

As the Australian Ministry of Health’s leading condom supplier for almost two decades, GLYDE is instrumental in advancing HIV/AIDS and reproductive health education and advocacy. GLYDE also maintains longstanding partnerships with a variety of worldwide public health workers, non-profit organizations, NGO’s and community resources that enhance the lives of individuals, including those with disabilities.

Through GLYDE’s Red Ribbon campaign, we’ve distributed millions of free condoms to sex workers throughout Southeast Asia, in conjunction with safe sex education and HIV/AIDS prevention resources. The program also functions as a fund-raising vehicle in which non-profits and NGO’s are equipped with Red Ribbon condoms which they can sell to fund their programs.

Locally in New Zealand

GLYDE Healthcare NZ supports a number of organisations in particular those that provide support to local communities at those at highest risk of physical / sexual abuse and those living with HIV/AIDS.

Positive Women Inc.

Positive Women Inc. is a support organisation for Women and Families living with HIV and AIDS. We are also involved in HIV advocacy, awareness and destigmatisation.

Women represent the invisible face of the HIV and AIDS epidemic. These are women who lead the very usual life of the average woman. Women who run households, cook dinner, have jobs, raise families and have grandchildren. Often these women look after sick partners and keep everything together.